Powder – birch/ash

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This is our speciality ski. They can be delivered with a larger side cut  and in different grades of stiffness.

The standard model is relatively flexible. This is appropriate for most skiers. For those who wish to ski a bit rougher, the skis can be made in different grades of stiffness. Here customers have the option to put in their own requests!

Length: 160-200cm
Width: 90mm
Tip-waist-tail 100-90-95mm

The skis are stocked in whole ten centimeters from 170 to 200cm, but can be made in 5cm intervals. This will increase the delivery time and costs extra.

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Power is suitable for powder and freestyle skiing. The skis have a large bearing surface that provides good traction in deep snow, and may also be suitable for hunting. With it’s large width and the wood’s flexibility to tackle uneven surfaces, you get a fantastic sense of control on summit trips. At the same time, you will also be noticed on the slope.

The base is made of hickory, with lignostone sole edge. The side edges and facings are laminated birch. In the core there is also some spruce to reduce the weight. Each ski is built with about 45 laminae. Skis that are 190cm long weigh about 3200g. Because wood is a living material the weight can vary from pair to pair; also depending on the moisture content. Our wooden skis, upon delivery, have about 10% moisture content, but after some use the moisture content goes up to about 15-17% which is the optimal moisture content for wooden skis.

All types of bindings can be used. Ask us for advice.